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Coffee and Me

My passion for coffee started in high school when friends and I would skip school and hang out at the local coffee shop.  I didn’t know much about it then; it was just fun.

In 1992, I opened a small restaurant and we had our own signature coffee blend. As I learned about the different natural flavors within the beans, it peaked my curiosity.  I joined the American Coffee Association and was able sample coffee from all over the world and from the best farms.  It was heaven!

After I sold my café, I was out of the direct line of coffee for a bit.  However, I never lost sight of my dream of opening a coffee shop. My chance came in 2007 with 25 30 Espresso.  With this shop, I came in contact with others who would share their knowledge. I learned more about flavor profiles similar to evaluating wine.  I attended several courses that included pulling the best tastes from brewed coffee, Professional Cupping, and pouring latte art.

As my time with coffee continues, I am constantly learning about the bean from where and how special farmers grow it to the challenges of finding the best way in roasting.  And then we can’t forget about the brewing! There are so many different ways to brew and each method brings out something special.

My goal is to give you a uniquely enjoyable experience with your coffee. Allow me to serve you your next cup . . .


400 Princess Anne Street, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

We are right across the street from the Virginia Railway Express (VRE) station, so make sure to stop by and grab a delicious coffee, tea, or iced drink to enjoy while you’re waiting for your train!


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