Longtime customers know that 25 30 Espresso’s coffees are special. Simply put:

They are of amazing quality and have unparalleled flavor. The reason why our coffees are so spectacular is because we buy from one of the nation’s best coffee roasters:

Counter Culture Coffee.


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Counter Culture has an award-winning reputation for producing not only great tasting coffees but also working with farmers around the world to ensure sustainable practices that support both the fields that grow the beans and the people who tend them. Fair trade isn’t fair enough for these folks! Counter Culture engages in direct trade practices, which means they partner directly with farmers to nurture the beans from seed to cup. Many of these partnerships have resulted in cutting-edge farming techniques that have yielded superb coffee crops.


Because we serve only Counter Culture coffees, 25 30 Espresso customers are guaranteed a coffee drink that is organic and expertly roasted. When you buy a cup of our coffee, you support farms that practice sustainable farming and that employ people who are treated well.


Come by and try some of these coffees for yourself and experience the real difference that Counter Culture’s commitment to coffee, people, and the Earth make!