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Meet Chef Chris!

We are thrilled to introduce 25 30 Espresso customers to our new chef, Chris Justice. A graduate of Johnson & Wales University’s culinary arts program, Chris brings his wealth of experience to our kitchen to create out-of-this-world baked goods.

These aren’t your average scones, muffins, and breads. Like the rest of the 25 30 team, Chris is passionate about using high quality, fresh ingredients to create fantastic foods. “I love the technical aspect of baking and pastry work,” he explained. “I’m excited to join 25 30 Espresso. I love the family atmosphere and the fact that I get to make all the baked goods from scratch.”

Chris has worked at dozens of restaurants, from familiar franchises to upscale, “foodie” establishments. He credits Bistro Bis in Washington, DC and Bistro Bethem in downtown Fredericksburg as having the greatest influences on his culinary experience. “Bistro Bis taught me a lot about traditional French/European cooking techniques, which are a big part of many other cuisines. It also gave me the chance to work with several top chefs in the DC area,” he explained. “At Bistro Bethem, I had the opportunity to experiment more and prepare their desserts and baked items.”

Customers who arrive just as the shop opens are treated to the delicious aromas from Chris’ all-night baking sessions. “I love throwing open the doors in the mornings,” said 25 30’s owner, Maureen. “The aromas waft down the street. It’s amazing!”

Chris has developed something for every palate. Recent offerings include blueberry-cream cheese danishes, caramel apple cider muffins, and carrot walnut raisin quick bread. Chris’ recommendations for this month are the chocolate ganache muffins (chocolate muffin with chocolate filling) and the spinach feta croissant.

Coming soon, Chris will have whole quick breads for you to bring home to share with the family. These loaves are perfect for breakfast and snacks, and they make great holiday gifts, too!