Fairly regularly I get asked, “Why do you only carry Counter Culture Coffee?”  We have used 4 different roasters since we opened in 2007.  We started with an award-winning roaster named Zoka Coffee out of Seattle, but the lengthy shipping time made it difficult for us to ensure a good product. Then we decided to go local with 2 different roasters in Virginia: Lexington and Mobjack Bay Coffee.  Both roasters were good but I have always had a passion for coffee and to learn more about the many flavors coffee has and neither of them were interested in teaching or sharing what they knew about coffee.

So in my search I came across Counter Culture Coffee, in Durham, NC.  I found that they were concerned about the quality of the roast, the quality of the green bean, the ground where it came from and  the farmer that grew it.   All of these things fascinated me.  As I met with them about being our roaster, I found that they cared about the retail shops that would sell their coffee.  For me it was a win-win: I wanted to be a great coffee shop and they wanted to help me get there.

Since that time we have been to their training center in Washington DC to take numerous classes, received certifications in espresso, brewing science, milk chemistry, and professional cupping, and have had the chance to meet coffee farmers and award-winning coffee professionals from around the world.  We have competed in regional competitions and volunteered at national competitions.   So to me, it is not surprising that Counter Culture Coffee is the best roaster in America!  As you can see the rest of the country thinks so too!

The top 11 coffee roasters in the nation, as voted by super-serious coffee nerds

Do you have a favorite flavor of delicious Counter Culture Coffee? If so, let us know in the comments below–and don’t forget to stop by for a drink of your favorite coffee the next time you’re in the area. We’re even here on Sundays!

See you soon!