Unless you have been living under a particularly well air conditioned rock of late, you have probably noticed that it’s starting to warm up here in the Fredericksburg area. As I walk around, I see condensation welling up on windows and other surfaces in the world around me as though the city itself were starting to perspire.

Such is the way of things–it’s that time of year again. But fear not, because 25 30 Espresso has you covered, (in blended ice, no less). Don’t let the swelter outside get you down; stop by anytime for a delicious Blended Ice drink. I recommend you check out the Java Chip in particular, it’s quite yummy and will lower your temperature by 15 degrees–“and that is a scientific fact!”

As we say, “Nothing cools you off on a hot summer day like a blended ice drink!”

See you soon!

25 30

P.S. All scientific facts included in this blog post are completely made up. But we think you should have a Blended Ice drink anyways. It’s cold and delicious. You’ll thank us for it.