Walk in gentlemen, rest at your ease,
Pay for what you call for , and call for what you please

These were the words that hung above the doorway of the Coffee House in old Fredericksburg.

On a sleepless night one of our baristas, Alex, was doing some coffee research and came across this fascinating article written by Barbara Crookshanks, telling of the first coffee shops in our town.

Seems the first coffee house was started soon after the town was founded by a “coffee woman” named Mrs Susannah (Sukey) Livingston, she also served as a “doctress”.  All of the who’s who of the 18th and 19th-century hung out there to have the usual discussions of politics and community.

A few other coffee houses opened in the following years inspired by the London coffee scene with other political significances, including one shop that George Washington honored with a toast:

Fredericksburg: May it increase and its commerce flourish.

I lift my cup to this salute and may it carry on forever! #lovefxbg  #smbizfxbg

Included is the link to this article which is fairly short.  Check it out!